Vijay Engineering Company Profile

Vijay Engineering is a reliable name in the field of die-casting and metal components manufacturing technologies. We provide outstanding, marvelous and breathtaking quality and highly oriented in Aluminum Casting ,Brass Pressed die casting alluminium die casting, Investment Casting  manufacturing industries. With the victorious contribution of Company’s Director and their specialized lineup the company started rising promptly with their determination and force. At present the company has totally been paying attention in developing worldwide intercontinental as well as domestic markets by making tie-ups, collaborations and widespread corporation which would spotlight them exclusively

Industries Served

Applications for precision diecastings are limitless and that is why, over the years that Vijay Engineering has been in operation, we have supplied over 50 different industries.
We principally serve the Machine Component, Textile Machinery consumer electronics and automotive markets. In these industries, time-to-market is critical, along with guaranteed high volume supply of quality components.
Engineers face the challenge of designing in a highly dynamic technological environment. Vijay Engineering offers pioneering diecast solutions for all types of applications.
Think of any consumer electronics product, and it will probably contain die castings. With goals of zero defect quality, Vijay Engineering is the preferred partner of many of the  leading consumer and industrial product’s manufacturers, supplying superior precision die castings with part-to-part consistency.
For automotive engineers, Vijay Engineering offers unrivalled experience in the manufacture of precision die castings.

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