Aluminum Products


Aluminium die castings are lightweight and can withstand the highest operating temperatures of all die cast alloys. Ideal for demanding environments, they offer high strength and rigidity along with good corrosion resistance and heat dissipation.
In telecoms and computing, aluminium is used in a broad range of networking and infrastructure equipment, most importantly RF filter boxes and housings requiring heat dissipation. It provides EMI shielding, rigidity and durability with minimal weight for shields and housings for handheld devices. Its excellent electrical performance and shielding properties, especially in high temperature environments, are ideal for electronic connectors. Aluminium die castings improve automotive fuel economy by contributing to weight saving requirements. Our strength is in electronic applications, such as shields for telematic equipment and sensor housings, and safety critical occupant restraint systems such as airbag housings and spools. 


Aluminium alloy characteristics:

  • Highest operating temperatures
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Light weight
  • Very good strength and hardness
  • Good stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio
  • Excellent EMI shielding properties
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Good finishing characteristics
  • Full recyclables
  • Size : 300, 350 600, 800, 1000, 1100,1400 diameter....


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